Registration Help
If you are not logged in, you must log in, or sign for an account.

After you have logged in, there are 5 steps in registration: Setup Family, Register Parent/Guardian, Register Child, Register Sponsor and Checkout. Each step appears in red if it is incomplete, and in green if it has been satisfied. All steps are required, except "Register Sponsor."

1. Setup Family
Before you can register, you must manage your account (View/Edit Family). At the minimum, you must have one parent/guardian and one child. Having a sponsor is optional.

2. Register Parent/Guardian
There must be at least one parent/guardian registered. You can also register a parent to volunteer (optional). If volunteering for a coaching position, the online waiver must be accepted.

3. Register Child
There must be at least one child registered. You may register more than one child.

4. Register Sponsor
The sponsor fee is $150. If you would like to sponsor a team, you must have at least one "sponsor" in your family (View/Edit Family). You are not required to fill out this step.

5. Checkout
Before you checkout, take a look at the invoice summary. You can continue by clicking "Proceed to Checkout."

If you have a question or need help with registration, please email

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